The Duo di Morcote was founded in 1991 to play traditional music principally from Ticino, the southern side of Switzerland and also to play classical music written for two mandolins (or for mandolin and mandola).
Both collaborate with other bands.

Stefano Fedele: vocals, mandolin, violin and hurdy-gurdy.
Giordano Morettini: vocals, guitar, mandolin, mandola and percussions.

Ambassadors of Tessin music for more than twenty years, Stefano Fedele and Giordano Morettini play tracks from the most antique traditions from the riverbanks of Ceresio, specially from the collection of Isidoro "Dorin" Frigerio.
Their repertoire includes also more recent folk music from all over the canton, from nearby Italy and from other countries.
The music played and sung by the Duo di Morcote is mostly learned by ear, as the musical notation of old traditional songs is scarce.


1991 Molteno (I)
1992 Innsbruck (A), Alps Folk Music Award, vote: "excellent"
Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, "La Palmita" (watch video)
1993 Albisrieder Volksmusik-Wettbewerb, Swiss Folk Music Award, 3rd place
SFDRS, "Gala für Stadt und Land"
1994 RSI, RSR, RR, DRS Motier, Swiss national festivity
RR, Various concerts in Chur and in Ilanz
1996 IATA, Geneva
1997 TSI, documetary about the lake Ceresio
1998 SFDRS, "Hopp dä Bäse"
TSI, "4note in compagnia"
Milan (I), 75th anniversary of the Pro Ticino
Brunnen, Ländlermusiktreffen
Recording of the CD "Ul Pugiöö"
1999 TSI, documentary about traditional music
Riva S. Vitale, "Musica nel Mendrisiotto" - "Young Talents" concert on the topic "The mandolin between popular and classic"
2000 TSI, traditional music
RSI, Crans Montana
Viarmes (F), concerts for the 40th Morcote-Viarmes twinning anniversary celebration.
2001 RSI, Mendrisio, Sagra dell'uva
Morcote, concert for the 10th anniversary of the Duo di Morcote, recorded live by the Swiss Radio.
2002 San Salvatore, 5. Folk Festival "Folk on the top"
Kaprun (A), Mountain Bike World Championships
2003 Morcote, swiss cultures gathering: Morcote, Meiringen, Eschenbach, Le Landeron and Scuol.
TSR, Ponte Brolla, "De si de la"
DRS, "Rock 'n' roll und Edelweiss"
Payerne, Comptoir Broyard
2004 DRS, "Zööge-n-am Bööge"
25th EBU European Folk Festival, Pula, Croatia (HR)
RSI, "La domenica popolare"
SFDRS, "Hopp dä Bäse"
1st Interfolk Festival, Mistery Park Interlaken
2005 Viarmes (F), concerts for the 45th Morcote-Viarmes twinning anniversary celebration.
2007 Blenio, Tre giorni di musica popolare
2009 RSI, Sasso Corbaro, Bellinzona
2010 Altdorf, Volksmusikfestival
2011 DRS, "Zööge-n-am Bööge"
Rapperswil, Folk Festival
2013 Ticino Evenings in Hotel-Restaurant Kreuz in Kaiserstuhl
Glion, Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) Christmas concert
2014 Stubete am See, Zürich
2015 Concert in Locarno Locarno Folk Festival
Monte Carasso, Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) Christmas concert, as "Duo Grande" with Leo Canepa on the accordion
2016 Recording of the new CD
2017 Le kiosqe à musiques, RTS
2018 Official entertainment during the Swiss National Day celebrations in Rovio, as "Duo Grande" with Leo Canepa on the accordion

Listen to some of our songs: